My Bulletproof Coffee Review

The paleo movement is gaining steam all the time which is great. There all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds adding to the greater good of the community. One of those individuals who I see as having a positive influence is the Bulletproof executive, Dave Asprey.

Bulletproof CoffeeDave Asprey is the man behind the internet viral health craze invention called Bulletproof coffee. He designed one of the craziest ideas when he told everyone how good it is to put butter in your coffee in the morning. Yup gold old fashioned real grass fed butter. However, there are two other very important ingredients needed to make a cup of his bulletproof coffee. That is using mycotoxin-free coffee beans called upgraded coffee and using his bulletproof mct oil.

The idea is that the butter gives you butyric acid, the coffee the benefits of coffee and the MCT oil the benefits of medium chain triglycerides for energy. The wonderful thing about this type of refined coconut oil is that it doesn’t affect your cholesterol and is great for the malnourished. Having been on the stuff for several months now paleo man can say give it a 5 star cup of coffee bulletproof coffee review. To get started you can buy all the Upgraded Self health products from here.

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