Paelo Man’s Doctor Would Have Been a Chiropractor

I can imagine paleo man sitting too long stripping the meat of a freshly killed animal in his cave to be struck down with a sudden case of lower back pain when trying to stand up from the ground. He wouldn’t have had a conventional doctor on hand like we do in modern medicine so who would have been his medicine man? I believe his local back doctor in those days would have been a doctor of Chiropractic.

chiropractor in JohannesburgWith low back pain and neck pain being such a common problem in society surely back then they would have had the same problems. It seems man has an inherent weakness in our development when it comes to the spine. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are sedentary sitting all day on your bum or if you exercise lots and stay muscular, backache strikes everyone.

I recently had an episode of sciatica which needed help urgently. I have been trying out paleo exercise ideas like joining a local cross-fit gym. Of course these types of olympic lifts and body weight exercises are something I haven’t done in a very long time. Hence the onset of muscle spasm and a pinched nerve down my left leg. Thank goodness one of the others at the gym passed on the number of a local chiropractor in Johannesburg.  After my first experience in the chiropractors office I do believe paleo man would have done the same thing. It seems so natural to not first use medicine or injections but rather have someone work the problem muscles and release the pressure on the nerve with a good spinal adjustment. That click is just so on the money and gives instant gratification.

If you ever find yourself in my situation or even if you have some thing else like a headache, stiff neck or herniated disc check out the free information on a website over at

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